Friday, December 24, 2010

Living In The Past.

Did you know that we are never actually living in the present. Not pessimistically, but scientifically. We see things 1/4th of a second in the past. SO for example when I take a picture, and a click a button to veiw it, it takes a second for it to load, but in reality it is already loaded I'm just waiting for my brain to process it. interesting huh?
Fascinating is a better word, most who read this probably won't find it interesting, but I don;t even like science, but I think it's quite a captivating concept... living in the past... hmmm.
If you are wondering how I captured myself taking a picture. Then here is the explaination.
So. I was home all day then and was browsing through obscure tumblrs, and if you follow my tumblr you know my obsession with pictures of people taking pictures (there is just no way to sound articulate while saying that!)so I decieded to try for myself. I grabbed my OLD camera, suprisingly it still takes pictures, because it sort of kind of exploded if that is the correct way to put it. It is being held together by a rubber band. The red camera that you see is the camera I normally use. Exlaination Done.
Skirt-American Apparel (I've been having trouble styling this and the green one.)
Top- Hand Me Down
Scarf-Lord& Taylor
Tights-Betsey Johnson
Camera- Canon Powershot SD780 IS

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K_E_O_S_H_A/Amro said...

I'm Amazed of your blog , it gave me so much joy , and your photos give me a new vision to my eyes , it shows how someone could build their style =DD

Aweesome blog and now im one of your followerss!!