Saturday, December 18, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

Hi everybody! Long time no speak!

Took me alll week to post these, would have posted yesterday, but I didn't get home 'till late!

Anyway these photos from Yours Truely are greating you straight from Wednesday! LOved this one, my mom hated it though, said "it doesn't match", but really isn't that the fun in it!

No serious talk today for me, just mindless chatter....

Except for I got a new pair of boots, just a cheapy pair from playess, because many of my boots are hard to wear with skirts and dresses because they are rather... large on my feet and can only be worn with certian things. Except for my cowboy boots! But unfortunatly those don't match everything... Well they come pretty close. So I'll post again later and maybe I won't just be blabbering! Bye!



Skirt-Forever 21




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