Sunday, December 12, 2010

What A Wonderful, Winter, Day.

Though it was not snowing... Wait I think it actually might have been flurrying(it was Friday night, I know what a social life)Anyway, It seems like a cozy little number to me.
That night I slept over a friends house, got home in about 2 in the afternoon. I went upstairs I put on different clothes(PJ Pants, A tee and a cardigan). Then I went on tumblr. I am constantly finding wonderfully cozy things to reblog, and I found something that looked really warm. Then I remember the purpose for this sweater. Ridiculously enough, I call it my "Snow Day Sweater" because of its extremly soft and snuggly (Is that a word? I seriously doubt it). Strangly though I've been having some trouble styling it, I used to wear this color constantly, but yet again my style and the way I dress works in phases, One part is Quirky and colorful and bright on color overload, one is cozy and simple with little touches... or atleast I think it is. ***And for the record those are not Uggs just my slippers. I refuse to buy a pair or wear them out of the house. But... Guilty as charged I do steal my Mom's on Snowday's.;D
It's strange I used to wear Uggs just about everyday of my life (Well that's exagerating) but I did wear them through almost the whole winter of 6th grade, last year I wore them occasionally because they still fit, and semi-resembled moccasins. But they are jsut so generic now. It's so boring. It's even worse after the winter holidays after everybody comes back wearing their "super-cute" pair of "unique and trendy" Ugg boots. This year to my horror, there will also be moccasins. :( I love moccasins (specifically Minnetonka) but now they are classified as "super-trendy" which is extremly depressing meaning that after winter break they will no longer be unique what-so-ever. Hell, they're not unique now. In 6th grade in the um, bad (shall we say) days of my style my moccasins were my saving grace. The only thing that made me unique, now if I came in wearing a pair, I just be dull. Really though I wore those moccasins everyday, my old black booties with the fringe, and my peace sign ones, they never got one comment after about a solid year wearing them, just before they became sort of popular, someone said "I love your shoes they're really cute" I thought it was kind of strange but I just kind of forgot about it. Now, My friend recently got a pair of moccasins, Ugg moccasins, she said "You'll be so rpuud of me I got a pair of Ugg moccasins!". She only likes them because they are super-trendy... not even real moccasins... sigh. And there are more people, but I have typed enough about my friends wearing moccasins, and I remember this very distinctly.
For example, for tech class this year (it's like woodshop) you have to bring in a shoebox to keep materials in, I brought in a Minnetonka one assuming that no one else would ever bring one in.
And I sit next to this girl I am kidn of friends with. Then she started talking about how Minnetonka's are super-cute, and how she is asking for a pair for Christmas, so disapointing, and the girl next to her joined in the coversation and said she is asking for a pair too. I wonder how stuff like this doesn't bother people, it has always bothered me for the longest I can remember (not the moccasins but just in general).
Wow I didn't mean to write nearly that much, I guess it's good I've been having a loss for words on this blog latley. And I suggest if you read my little rants you get ready for me to rant a hall of a lot more after winter break. Thank you for reading today, bye!

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