Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wardrobe Remix:High Socks.

Technically, my title is not a lie. I am just wearing two different high socks. This one is from yesterday.
Do you know those outfits when you put it on in the morning, and by the end of the day you hate it? Well that was this outfit. I really like the way it photographed though.
Socks- Northface (VIA Tjmaxx)
Shoes- Minnetonka's
Leggings- American Apparel
Belt- I must find this out sometime... (actually a girl came up to me that day saying that she thought she had the same one, but I said I doubted it because this belt was probably from back in the 'ol toddler days, and she said hers were to! Tehehe, not really that funny, but it made me chuckle...)
Sweater- Hand Me Down from my mom. (In other words she did not want it anymore.)
Scarf- Vintage.

Before we continue with the remix, I must show you these! My current pride and joy! LOVE THEM! AMAZINGLY WARM, AND THEIR MOCCASINS!I now have my winter boots, for those really snowy days I'll wear my mom's 'ol canadian waterproof boots with the broken zipper. (I've actually worn them before, but its been a while.)

Here was today on the first wear. Really hated this outfit. It was a morning where I had something planned that didn't work out. Shucks...

Anway goodnight everybody... And guess what! Tomorrow's THURSDAY!
Boots- Minnetonka's
Socks- Hot Sox
Jeans- Delias
Tee- Woodstock (if you look close it says Woodstock '69!)
Button down- Hand Me Down
Sweater- American Apparel.

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