Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hat's Off!

Today I have learned a few things.
A. It is impossible to trick a photobucket.
B. It is actually possible to post 2 things in 20 minutes.
Tried to zoom this photo below in, changed the size so it wasn't as wide as the other pictures... epic fail.

In other news.... DO YOU SEE THIS HAT! Had it in the good ol' days (aka 6th Grade) Decieded that it was ugly, never wore it. Found it the other day and LOVED IT! Obviously not everybody loved it though. Teacher saw it and took it, and made me pick it up at the office at the end of the day. Sigh, there went my good day.... Actually I am being a little melodramatic, well it was_ well yesterday (these were from Monday) was a pretty good day.

My mother went to Macys and I came with her, we stopped at Old Navy along the way. And I highly recommend that if you are ever in the North Jersey Area, ask me wear(hehehe punny!) this Old Navy is. Got this sweater, wasn't going to buy anything because I bought basics last week, but well this one was amazing! Also got some adorable gloves! Actually I wore them that day, left them in my locker, ooooppps!

Good night everybody! See you tomorrow! (Well possibly quite a bit of studing to do...)

Boots- Canadians: Cardigan- Old Navy: Jeans- Hand Me Downs: Hat- Steve Madden: Shirt(Underneith)- ?

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