Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hunt For A Header.

Been on the hunt for the perfect header for ages. I have had about 11 or so headers in the past.. wow its been in the past 10 months! okay got off track there for a moment....
Anyway I would like YOUR opinion's this time. Do you like this first one or the one that is my header at this very moment.

***all opinions are appreciated!
And now you are about to have a special insight into the early days of What A Wonderful Weardrobe. My old 10 or 11 headers.. this should be all of them, so enjoy!
February- My first header.
I did not know what my header should be therefore, I looked up "fashion colluage" and found this.
A few days(?) or weeks later (I remember days but Picsa albums is telling me differently.)
Positive this header was brief, I don't remember it what so ever.
The next day(?) Well a short time after.
This was my first long(ish) term header I think it last for 2 weeks to a month.
March I think I wanted a picture of a person. But I didn't like it so I (think) I went to this...
March or Early April
This header lasted longer than all of my others. Actually a really long time compared to the others. I put this up in about.... March. And had it up 'till about June? Early July?
Late June
Thought my long-term header was boring, I liked umberella's and therefore, new header.

Late August.
I did not want that header anymore, therefore, I changed it.
Early September
This one lasted about... 3 weeks- a month.
Mid-Late September
I Felt bad taking the Cherry Blossom Girl's photos (the camera and the bow) so , I took my own.

This one was changed today. I was getting tird of those boots so I said "oh! I'll try this!".
And there you go, the short history of What A Wonderful Weardrobe.

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