Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

Finally! We can see the sky! These photos truth be told, are from last Monday, which was one of the few days last week that it didn't rain. I think it rained pretty much 5 out of 7 days last week, and it absolutely poured yesterday. A ridiculous amount of rain came down from the sky, to the point when even if you had an umbrella, you still got absolutely soaked. I mean I know it is April, but this has been a lot of rain, even for this time of year.

I must add, have you heard Adeles new album 21 yet? I must highly recommend it, not only does she just have a fantastic voice, I love how her album just has a lot of passion to it. You can hear the geniune feeling in her voice, which I feel is something that is a rarity now a days. With autotune and such, you just block out the beautiful natural qualities in people's voice's. And I must ask, why would you want to take a lovely and creative sound out from music? Music is meant to be expressive, and I guess there are just certian ways of expression that I don't quite get.

Shoes-Minnetonka//Shorts, Belt, & Tank Top-Target//Sunglasses-Panama Jack

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