Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Days

Rain, rain is falling down. Outside rain hits the ground, What is rain when you see is like counting 1,2,3Hear the wind join the rain as if it was a symphonyRain rain falling downOutside rain hits the ground.

I guess this is the first April showers bring May flowers thing. Though I'm not sure if it counts because it is only a few days 'till may! Atleast it didn't rain as much as last year, last year there were only approximatly 2 or 3 days of April with the sun outside. 5 or 6 days in May. And about 7 or 8 days in June. But the summer was nice it rained only about 2 or 3 times in July AND August.

Shoes- Converse
Jeans- Splendid
Lace Top- Vintage
Red Tank- Old Navy
Sweater -f21
Scarf- Vintage

The grey hue stretches over the sky, tiny clear drops fall, disapearing into the ground. Making the soft brown tree trunks appear black, and the bright jade of the green grass and leaves popping out from all of the softer hues. I like the rain but I have a feeling it will last for most of spring, so I douby I will like it for much longer.

This jade color of my shirt is very pretty and bright! It drapes perfectly!

Ha ha ha I really like the reflection of the umberella in the water!

I really like this shot the colors are soo vivid!

The really cute print of my umberella! i love the tiny floral pattern! And if you look really closely you can see tiny raindrops on the umberella.

To take all of these shots I had to slosh in the rain for about a half hour... There are just so many great angles to trees in my yard! I have about an entire fence of them! THere is almost no grass in my yard though, it is all moss (I guess the trees make up for it)Moss which grows and dies(I learned this in science class!)Then builds up in the soil making it possible for larger and more complex plants to grow there.

The boots helped me slosh around what would be my equivelant of rainboots or as I like to say galoshes. They are COMPLETALLY waterproof, GASP! Their about 2 or 3 sizes to big for tiny feet. But they are extremly warm and work for days were it pours all day like this. And they have heels... That are silent!
Green Shirt-Anthropolgie
Leggings- H&M
Boots- Canadians

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