Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Drizzly Morning

Yesterday I saw that movie Arthur with Russel Brand in it. I went into it with low expectations, and came out of it knowing I was right to do so. I mean, it was kind of funny (Russel Brand is hilarious!) but, it just kind of annoyed me that it was so predictable. Within the first five minutes of the movie, you could already guess a general ending, so there was no element of surprise. Also within each scene, each event that was meant to happen next, you could also guess that! All RomCom's (or Romantic Comedy's if you will) just seem to be the same these days. I feel as if its been ages since a really funny one has come out. They all seem to be along the lines of them loving someone else, but something else happens so they can't be together, and then despite it all, they end up getting back together again. Well, it's pretty much that with slight variations on the plot! Hollywood, step it up with the comedy a little bit! I mean really, there are hilarious RomComs out there, I guess they're extinct, if you will? I'm not really sure.

During this movie one of the previews was for this movie (I can' remember the title) but someone said "O! I really want to see this!" (I guess they saw the preview already), so I started watching more intently. I discovered that it was about these two best friends. One of them in law school and she met this guy who she really liked. It was just a crush though, then he met her best friend. Then they were together 6 years later and getting married. And then, between the fiance and the other friend, there starts to be a "spark", and the fiance starts feeling doubtful. Can you guess how the story ends?

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Maybe I am no movie connoisseur, but I have seen a lot of good movies, Forrest Gump, Gone With The Wind, The Rainman. So I'm not just talking from some stand point of only have watched recent or new movies.


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cuuute skirt!

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Thank you!