Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Not a blazing hot day on friday(thankfully)
Were I was origanlly going to take pictures, but there was a big spider.
My favorite of the day, it has somewhat of a dark aspect to it...What do you guys think?

Ohhh I'm a happy camper there.

Though I kinda liked the outfit, I ended up changing later, I felt so uncomfortable all day.
Shirt- Abercromibe(hammy down days)
Tank- Target or kohls ....I think?
Shorts- Delias
Shoes- Minnetonka
Sunglasses- Panama Jack.
pspspspsps.....I got my camera fixed!

1 comment:

Chiharu said...

<3 this outfit. How old are you? No need to answer, just curious.