Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Summer adventures

Being that it is the 6th week of summer and you all have no Idea what I'm up to( and why I've been missing days I figure I'll fill you in...
Well my camp offers a teen tour for 8 weeks and week go on trips everyday(reason A.)
And atleast once a week I go on overnight trips for various amounts of nights( reason B.)
Very often for the day trips there are late pickups( reason C.)
I have not posted also because I have been away the past few weekends( reason D)
This summer some of the places I have gone have been...
  • Half the six flags on the Eastern Seaboard
  • Montreal
  • BastketBall Hall of fame
  • A WNBA game
  • Tons and tons of water parks
  • This weird camp place for 3 days with no running water and 4 other girls I hate( fun!fun!fun!)
  • Ice Skating
  • To the Beach etc...And many more to go.

Tomorrow I think we are going to Some science place. And after that I'm getting glasses. Yay exciting. Thrillling. Today I was planning on uploading some of pictures until I realized that my brother crashed his computer so he had to use mine for a few weeks, and he crasahed mine too. Making it so my dad had to earase every saved file on it. Luckly I still have the pictures I've uploaded, but the rest are gone. So I will do another 3 posts today(wow thats a lot) For two outfits. And the pictures from montreal, I took 425. Which ones to choose?

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