Sunday, August 1, 2010


Did you know Canadian's actually do say ehh?
Places we went-(RATINGS 1-5)
Botanical Gardens-Boring. 2
Olympic tower- INSANE! the elavator ride up is terrifying, I almost started hyperventalating. 4
Labyrinth- So much fun if you are ever in montreal do this.5
La Ronde(with all the intense coasters)-3(if I liked rollar coasters more I would have had a better time.
Jet boating... A trip I did not mention, because if I had my camera there it would have broken...a day earlier. Yes some one broke another camera .5
Dowtown montreal-(the picture with the bicycles) I would post people but being that I do not have their permission I refuse. 5
Montreal Science Center- Its not something I'd usually like but it was pretty cool. 4
The name of our hotel. And some advice if you are ever staying in a hotel in montreal with 3 other people in the same room do not stay here.
The view from me and my friends room. Gorgeous. But it looked a lot better at night.

The olympic towers this happens to be my favorite shot... I think the olympics were held there in '76?ishhh


A full shot/angle

Another angle...

More angles...

Me wearing some Bada** glasses

A view from the tower

From the tower
My only good picture from the botanical gardens not very exciting

3 hearts sculpture

A grass I know:D

The best picture from my trip:D I'm in a giant bubble:D

I take lots of pictures of my shoes


My only picture of ...well from the Labrynith. I f you are ever in Montreal go, its so much fun!
A view of a few coasters

I went on that, and nothing else

A HUGE wooden rollar coaster, its hard to imagine that EL toro is bigger( we would have gone to that park too but, it was a rainy day)

The most intense rollar coaster in the park... I can't remember the name though...

There is the name of the coaster below

That is right around the end of Goliath. If you look real close you can see the abnoxious people with bright blue tee shirts...those are my friends:D Some people

Though we went to Botanical Gardens I actually think these are from 6 flags

Our last morning at breakfast. We were obsessed with these Jif peanutbutter spread. They were the perfect size to just eat as a snack!...too bad they are no sold in america
Ahh my First View of Home Sweet home... That was actually right at the border...where we had to wait for about an hour, a person walked down the aisle who worked there, and asked us to show an idea& birth cetificate, or passport. A friend of mine forgot his idea. The person who worked there with I dead straight face said "we'll let it slide this time" I know very cliche:D

Though people in Montreal actually do say ehh, they mostly speak French, so many of them are kind of hard to understand... It is a beautiful city, and extremlly clean(atleast downtown)but it smelled to much like cigarette smoke(ick)(sigh...Europeon society...why?). Sorry for such a long post I just wanted to get it done. I don't want to post other stuff now after this. Tommorow I will post My pictures from my beach vacation this weekend. And I will do an outfit post, bye everyone! See ya tomorrow!

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Melrose said...

i LOVE montreal!!! Where is the bubble picture from?