Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gettin back into the swing of things

Long time no post everyone! I though I posted this yesterday, but I guess it didn't work. Mi dispiace. I learned how to say I'm sorry in a different language just for you! Thats italian(i actually already knew it but shhh!) Anyway after a frightfully busy long summer I have 3 weeks before school, just to sit down, and relax. Anyway here are my photos from last saturday, today i should also be posting photos from friday and hopefully today.(Its raining so I'm kind of excited!)
I'm excited for two reasons this time though.
1. It is 75 degrees out, bliss.
2. I just like the rain.
hmmmm....I wonder what I am doin here..
I was trying to move my hand before the picture, it didn't work out too well.

Tehehe I think I look prettty badass here, but I probably don't, a 13 year old with a fashion blog, I don't think comes off as a "badass".
Shoes- Minnatonka
Dress(worn as a skirt)- Pacsun
Belt- ?
Tee shirt- Delias
Sunglasses- Panama Jack

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