Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polka Dots Part II

Technically I did not even have a Polka Dots Part I. But we will just consider that my last post because I was wearing polka dots. Incidentally this very same dress. I just couldn't find anything else that I wanted to wear, but this dress, it is just soo easy tostyle! I can think of a million different options! Well that day was another cool weathered day...sigh. And I had another photoshoot...

I was trying to make it look like I was walking.
Tehehe, I was hiding:D

Me trying to look like a badass by shooting my umbrella at you, I have no idea what my thought process was for that.
nothin special
damn jumping shots.
Trying to look all cool and "i'm not paying attention"..ish.

Another cool day. I finally get to use umberallas again, this one happend to be HUGE and very heavy I brought it for style purposes and just in case it actually rained. Tehehe and I was wearing pollka dot socks if you look real close.
Shgoes- Minnetonka
Leggings- H&M
Socks- Betsey Johnson(on sale at marshalls 5 pairs in a pack for $4, not a bad deal if I do say so myself)
Dress- Pacsun
Cardigan- Remember when I used to wear this everyday. (gap)
ps. GASP! im wearing matching socks!


Melrose said...

that dress is too cute, and i love the umbrealla shots!

great new layout btw! the minnie ears are freaking awesome!

Anna said...

Thank you so much!