Thursday, August 26, 2010

What is the Difference Between Tights And Stockings

Really though, what is the differnce between tights and stockings, I am really wondering... Please comment below if you know, I am actually quite curious. Anyway... That day I had a very large photoshoot, because I was bored out of my mind and I had been sitting at home for 2 DAYS!AHHH! In total I probably took about 50-65 pictures in my estimate, maybe more because I recently un-mastered the jumping shot... Very frustrating. Anyway, here is 10 of my favroites, I hope you like them.

Above it looks like I am using some sort of symbol, for the record that was not intended.
I was attempting the Abby Road album cover thing... It didn't work.
Geez, my hair looks HUGE there.
Me in my new glasses, I was trying to look like a nerd. What do you guys think(I'll get aclose up i tommorows photos.
I'm not quite sure what I was getting at here...
I kinda think this is my signature, even if I do not post it often, I do it all the time.
Ahhh, a normal photo.
Me fake-fixing my clip, actually did get a picture of myself actually fixing my clip, I decieded not to post it.
I was trying to look like a badass spy here, I failed miserably.
No comment, not in a bad way, I just have nothing to sat about it.
I really wish I took a closeup picture of my tights, I feel like you can't really see it. But I really LOVED my outfit that day, to bad no-one saw it but my mom, but too late. And i found a new venue for my photos, I was very sick of my usual places. This is the brick wall outside the back of my house... I will also be in my next post. The next after that? Who knows?
Tights- i don't remember really, but I think they're from mandies.
SHoes- Minnetonkas ( I think I have rekindled my addiction to these things! I used to wear them almost everyday.)
Dress- Pacsun ( it will also be featured in my next post, its just very easy to wear!)
Clip- H&M
Belt- Something that is so Old I don't know where its from.

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Anushka said...

You just got yourself a 15th follower :) I'd really love to know where your cardigan is from! :)