Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 10th of July!

Bag-Vintage//Top-Kohls//Skirt-H&MHappy 10th of July everybody! I know it's a tad late (6 days to be exact) but I figured I would post anyway! Due to lack of Internet access down by the beach, I have not been able to post for the last week (with the exception of yesterday). When I was there I really didn't do too many outfit shoots, really just this one and one other. I would have taken more but I felt as if people were staring at me thinking "Why is she taking pictures of herself, that's very self-centered..". I always hate taking pictures in front of people, I think that they think I"m very odd, and not too many people I know, know that I have a blog, therefore I don't really want them asking questions.
Most of my blog life actually, has been attempted to be kept private to most of the people I know. Except for my Parents, my Aunt and a very good friend of mine who briefly dabbled in the blog-o-sphere, no one else I know, knows that I have a blog. I don't know why I wanted it to turn out in such a way, but even with the people I know, whenever I talk about blogging I feel very odd almost like they're not sure what I"m talking about exactly. At some point in the future I really look forward to meeting other bloggers, so we can geek out about blog stuff together! Plus I think it would be very interesting to meet people in real life that you only e-know. I always hear other bloggers speaking about how well they get along with other bloggers... yada yada... I just hope I have the priveledge to meet and possibly befriend another blogger someday. But for now I think I'm just a youngster kid at a little blog. :)


mmish said...

thank you so much for your comment :)

Camilla said...

lovely photos!

x Camilla

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

pretty flower in your hair & you're off by two inches--I'm 5'1"

Meganne said...

I feel exactly like you do. There are very few people in my life who know that I have a blog. When you tell someone you have a blog they are always like, wha? and when you explain to them that its a personal style blog and that you take pictures of yourself they are even more like, whaaaaa? I feel like the only one who understands me is other bloggers. Nonbloggers so don't get it. ;)
Btw, that skirt is adorbs! I so wish that we had an H&M here, but there isn't one in Louisiana at all. It's so sad:(