Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Dog Days of July

Lately I've been noticing that, even though it is not August, SO much fall back-to-school stuff is being advertised. Magazines, websites, summer sales! It's all a tad ridiculous if I do say so myself. I understand putting out fall stuff in mid-late August, but a bit after mid JULY seems a bit early. This also was the case with spring and summer clothes, they'd put them out in February, when it is SNOWING. In the middle of the summer I really don't like finding myself thinking about back-to-school shopping and the first day of school. I find myself thinking about the fall, and by the end stifiling heat of the summer, that will be welcome. But now, I'd like to live in the moment, and just think about the lovely hot (and not so lovely) summer days.

In the meantime, here are some delightful black and white photos that are currently inspiring me. All photos from Enjoy.

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Grace said...

The first photo is simply beautiful. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!