Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh (Photo)Shoot!

Last weekend my Mom and I headed to the little family bungalow upstate. I would be sharing the pictures now, but I can't edit the pictures to the right size, due to a lack of a flash player. Oh well, enjoy anyway. Shoes-Minnetonka//Shorts-Delia's//Tank Top-Old Navy//Belt-Forever21//Feathers-DIY

Just out of curiousity,what do you think of the quality of my new camera? I know it's not really new anymore.. But it still feels pretty new to me. Any thoughts?


Mrs. Dork said...

I love the title for this post. ;) You're always so cute. I can definitely tell a difference in your photos before and after said new camera. So keep it up!

Michaela said...

So cute! I like your hair :)

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xoxo Michaela

chantilly said...

haha- i went upstate last weekend too! love your mocs :)