Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh, Irene...

Up here in these parts we're kind of experiencing hurricane Irene. There's quite a downpour outside, and occasionally a lot of wind swaying the trees, but otherwise we're fine so far. I don't think we've quite gotten the brunt of it yet because we still have power, and outside it looks like a . Around town I've been hearing about power loss, sometimes going on and off. But currently, here at home we have fine connection.

Here in the suburbs we seem to have it a lot better then the city folk. I think 2 million have lost power so far, and even the Subway was shut down! That's insane considering that the Subway was buit specifically to able people to commute and go from place to place in inclimate weather (inspired by a huge blizzard in the late 1800's). Anyway, I hope everyone's doing okay in this lovely weather on the East Coast. Top & Shoes:Old Navy//Skirt-TjMaxx

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