Saturday, August 27, 2011

In The Face!

I took these photos quite some time ago, actually, these were taken on the same day as I took the photo's from my last outfit post. I was unable to post these at the time because I didn't have a flashplayer for a while there. Finally my flashplayer is up and running again so I could edit these photos down to the right size. Lately here on the blog-o-sphere, I been feeling quite a bit younger than most of the other bloggers 'round these parts. I mean, I am much younger than most bloggers, but I normally don't feel the difference quite that often, but it is very distinct these days. Feeling young is not something I'm unfamiliar to (all of my cousins are older then me too:) but, lately I've been noticing things like a lot of the bloggers I follow getting married, or having kids, really just milestones for people much younger than I am. Don't get me wrong at all, I am so happy for everyone! It's just a feeling I've been getting lately, and just on observation of this thought.


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