Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A few weeks ago I kind of explored the topic of apologizing for not posting often enough, I'm still not partial to the thought, but after thinking it over I've found quite a few reasons it is not ridiculous to apologize. I almost feel as if I have an obligation to my blog, to just keep on posting, to just keep getting my thoughts, and expressions out there. I just feel very dedicated to it, I think anyone who has a blog for a long time has to be very dedicated to it, because it doesn't seem it, but blogging is very time consuming.

Out of the very few bloggers I've found that are around my age, expect to start blogging and get followers overnight, and then after a few months they still have none. Then after a few months, they just delete their blog. Once I heard blogging described as a "part-time-job" which I would assume it is just the perfect description. I mean, I love blogging, it is very time consuming though.

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