Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue-Green Haze

Shoes-DSW//Skirt-Forever21//Tank Top-Target//Feather-DIYDo you remember a few months ago when I got bangs, and I was so unsure about it? Well, even if you don't I must say it is amazing how irrelevant it seems to my life now even though it was only a few months ago (it feels like ages though). It's so strange the way time decides to pass, for exampleI feel like I just started school a few weeks ago, but now it's almost June, and schools almost out for the the summer. So odd. And even a test from a few weeks ago that I was so worried about, just feels kind of unimportant, and like ages ago. It's such a strange feeling.

Last week when these photos were taken I grabbed my tripod and my camera tossed it in a bag and went for a bikeride, this is one of my older spots where I used to take pictures quite frequently, but something just made me get out of the habit, I'm not sure what. I'm happy I went though, I haven't really been to thrilled with my photo locations lately. Though I have been loving my outifts! (Knock on wood). It's just so easy to get dressed every morning now, I don't have to worry about tights boots or scarves (most days), I just choose a dress a skirt or shorts, throw on a top and a cardigan and just go (Don't forget those trusty Minnetonkas!). This is actually one of my favorite skirts to wear, but sometimes I just run out of ideas for styling it, though my wardrobe is quite abundent in blues and greens I guess you could say a blue-green haze, sometimes I just don't know how to style it. That day I styled quite simply, just a black tank top (black and blue, gasp!:) and a peacock feather. Once again, you got to love the simplicity!

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