Friday, May 27, 2011

Earn Your Stripes.

Certian things in my wardrobe I just gravitate towards all the time. This used to be one of those peices, but I guess it may have "gotten lost in the depths of my closet"? Not really sure though, maybe because it's a tad short, but I still think it's my favorite dress... Well, one of them. Last September, I actually went through a whole phase with polka dots (did I ever get out of it?) but literally, everyday I would just be wearing polka-dots. I did some sort of feature called "Polka-Dotted Days". I was tempted to call my post that, but there are already approximately 5 or 6 posts with that very same title.
Itsn't it kind of ironic that I have a post about polka-dots, but then the title says stripes! Haha!


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