Friday, June 4, 2010

Hellooo Again

With my broken camera I decieded to do a "picks" thing for summer. I did sunglasses and bathing suits. These are my favorites

1. Shaped- For the record I have always wanted a heart shaped pair of glasses so i had to put thes on the list, :D.
2. Neon- I felt a strong need for these sunglasses on my list their pretty cool, plus, their yellow!

3. Round- Being that i have an amazing pair of round glasses similar to these, i had to put them here because they are so fantastic.

1. full piece- I've seen a million vintage inspires polka dot suits, but I have never seen it in this color before, which I thought was very new, fresh and had a ton of pop! Plus I think that the color will look fantastic on 99% of skintones.

2. Bikini- I love yellow as you all know so I couldn't resist a yellow bikini. Though the color is not great for everybody i had to choose it.

3.Tankini- This might be my ffavorite of all of my pick's of the day, I love the pattern!

Hello again everyone, i reall doubt anybody checks my blog that frequently but i am still apologizing for my lack of still not fixed :(

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