Monday, June 21, 2010

Sta Piovendo

Check out my mad Italian skills in the title above, it means "its raining" :D, I apologize that these photos are not big especially since I completed mission immpossible, but my flikr account would not take either of these photos.

I sure looked happy there

Very attractive, I know
You know how fond I am of the rain, but i really wasn't prepared for it at that moment, literally the second i walked outside, it started pouring! It was really brief but still. And I didn't have time to get an umbrella because I had to leave for a fathers day BBQ and I barely even go to take these so I won't push my luck. Anyway i would like your opinion of the bow in my hair, its HUGE...:D so you really can't miss it. i would llike to know your opinion because my mom hates it my cousin loves it and as do i, so what do you think?
flippy floppy's!- Old Navy
Dress- PAcsun
Tank- Old Navy
Belt- It is just one of those things you have thats so old you don't know hwre you got it
Cardigan- Old Navy
Bow- American Apparel ( Which for the record will prbably be my favorite new store, but I didn't have time to look, I mean really look, so after the next shopping trip I take expect some American Apparel), by the way I realized that you can't really see the bow so for the record it is striped with royal blue and white


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Very cute polka dot dress. It's been raining here too...always hard to take pictures when I have to keep wiping the lens clean!
P.S. I can actually walk to a lot of places I take picture and most spots are really close to one another. I live in the countryside, so this is all sort of my "backyard." So yeah, I drive to them/around them/walk my dog there, but it isn't a trip for me.

Anna said...

Thank you!And actually when it rains I try to keep my camera under the ledge on my deck, very often though, I am not sucessful, and it gets wet anyway.