Saturday, June 19, 2010


FINALLY! These past few weeks have sucked for me without my camera I use it wayyyyy to much, and it came in the mail finally! Actually it came in the mail a few days ago, but one thing had prevented me from posting these, finals. fun! fun! fun! Anyway you guys know the drill lets take it from the top!


The wind was blowing a ton in the picture I really wish you guys could see it, actually thats the reason why my hair is sideways.

Hehehehe:D Quite a fantastic shot if I do say so my self, maybe i just like that pose a lot...
Anyway this is actually the highlight of my week, after a SS and English final, SS was easy, but this year I did not learn anything in English because my teacher quit in November, she just didn't come back after that, but apparently I still did well, the next day woudl be mth, wonderful. Anyway there is nothing particularly exciting about my outfit.. just a skirt and tee and converse. Actually I'm already planning what converse I'll buy for next year. I'm debating between clear, or I'm getting a pair of yellow high tops and drawing on them so they'll look like a taxi, what do you guys think?
Sunglasses- ??
Skirt- F21
Shoes- Converse (their a kids size though)


Finally Friday, after all of your concern about my final(which was probably non-existant) It was easy, not even because i studied for 7 hours ( I mean legit 7 hours) It was easy for everyone! Just wonderful huh?

I was trying to twirl in this picture. I wonder what my mouth would look like if you could see my face:D I would probably look like an idiot.

or maybe just like this:D.
Shirt- Delia's
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Coach
I was wearing my mom's white ruffled sweater, but not in these pictures. And I can't find it! She is going to kill me!

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