Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today i took a buncyh more pictures than this, but this site won't let me load any of them!!:( these were the only ones that would load...

Another day Another outfit, usually in a week, I skip a day or two of my better outfits, but I've found that the more consistant I am, the less i want to wear a hoodie. I've also discovered that skirts and dresses are just as comfortable as other bloggers say they are!! Gasp! At first I didn't understand it, I thought that they were uncomfortable! As of yesterday I still couldn't grasp why everybody thinks that jeans are so uncomfotable... until now! They restrict you soo much more!!
Shoes-Franco Sarto
Dress- Abercrombie
Cardigan- Kohls

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Chiharu said...

GASP! love the skirty dressy skirt-dress :)
how old are you and what camra are you using?