Monday, April 19, 2010

Falling behind

It seems to me I can't help but falling behind, my last post "Playing catch-up" I was supposed to be catching up but it turns out I forgot a bunch. And this is out of a scarcity of time, and just pure laziness. And please excuse me for the messed up order of the posts. Friday and Thursday I just forgot to post in the right order, but Saturday I forgot I took picture of....


Saturday, I like saturdays, I went to go see a movie that day, thats why I'm wearing a bag. I saw datenight! it was hysterical!!! Anyway now I'm getting to the outfit. I happen to lke this outfit, but its a bit dark for my usual taste, but most of my clothes were not clean so i was stuck with wearing..well the stuff i don't wear too often.... And guess what! I actually had a hairstyle that day! other than just down! My hair looked really bad that day and in a magazine I saw someone wearing a sidebraid so I tried it! And thats all I have to say for that day
Shirt- Abercrombie and Fitch
Tee Shirt- Delias
Shoes- Payless


i love this jacket, I just haven't worked up the nerve to wear it! Its a little bit... Out of the rhealm of reality for my town... But it is like a tornado of fabulessness!

Love the way the fringe looks as I jump :D
It seems to me I wasn't in a smiley mood that day as I took pictures, maybe it was the clouds? I don't know why I wouldn't be, this jacket is the most amazing vintage pieces (and one of the only) in my clost. i really wish I could shop vintage more, my mom refuses to take me, and being that I can't drive...Well, she doesn't let me walk either. I was actually wearing a pleather jacket that day but I couldn't find it soo, I just figured why not? And went to go take my pictures. Anyway I also happen to love this headband, its soo preppy for me but the offwhite lace gives it a more...well not preppy touch, i guess i'm contradicting myself. One of the reasons I like this headband so much is becauseI made it, enough said.

Jacket- Vintage
Button Down- ?
Tank- Abercrombie and Fitch
Jeans- Abercrombie
Shoes- Minnetonka
Headband- Made by ME!

Thursday This is a signing board from my birthday, the theme was mod! What do you think? And also don't you like my fishy buttons!!!

I think I might've lost my picture mojo again... I don't really like the picture I took that day... i liked this outfit though. I technically made a lot of it .. The yellow shirt(intentionally a skirt) was a giant tee shirt, and the hem on the bootom wasn't even and as a skirt like that.. it didn't look good, so I tried it as a shirt and wellah! Plus those fishy buttons are amazing! And the skirt was origanally a dress but the top was to small and I chopped it off, so once agin wellah!(I especially like its pockets!)
Tube top- Made by me!
Shoes- Franco Sarto
Skirt- Made by me!
Belt- Vintage
Tank( under yellow top)- Old navy


i don't really like Sundays, I kinda liked this outfit though. The blazer(its purple faux suede!) is one of the only vintage pieces in my closet(other than the fringe coat!) It soo wierd! And quirky!! I just like it And the green shirt? Come on its bright green... i guess I'm more enthusiastic about this outfit than i thought! But i seriously hate these jeans there those "skinny jeans" That a really more bootcut than anything, and if you roll them up there boyfriend jeans!:D( I know you can't read the sarcasim in that smile... but its there)
Jacket- Vintage
Tank- Nike?
Jeans- Abercrombie
Shoes- Coach
This picture is just amazing! Fantastic! incredible! My Favorite! it looks like I'm flying!!!!!

Finally the last picture!!! (it takes a long time to post these!) I really dont have the patience to talk about this outfit soo...

Sweater- August Silk


Shoes- Coach

Tank(s)- Old Navy(both)

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