Monday, April 12, 2010

Its Raining

It's raining!Its pouring! The old man snoring! He went to bed and bumped his head and didn't wake up 'till morning! Finally a relief from those sticky hot sweaty days! Its suprised me how much I missed pants. I love the warm weather but it was too much for me. Actually this outfit was from Friday, today to weather is nice, in the mid 60's...but anyway lets get back to the outfit! Boy oh boy do I love umberella's!! I even tried jumping with it, but that failed... i wish i had a clear one...:) but maybe some other time, the shirt i've never really loved but it worked for the day, the cardi i wear it all the time i love it!!! And these jeans their tehnically new, there from my cousin, a bit long(5inches...ish) otherwise they fit pefectly, on me their almost bootcut which is good, cause i didnt have black or bootcut jeans, now ive got both.
Shirt- Abercrobie and Fitch
Tank- Old Navy
Cardigan-Old Navy

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