Saturday, February 4, 2012

Room Muses

I'm rearranging and redecorating my room a bit. Here's some lovely inspiration I'm feeling at the moment.

The color and the chalkboard is actually the same as my room, but I really love the pictures on the wall.
The setup on the wall is too perfect. And those mustache pillow cases from UO, I sort of wanted them forever!
I feel like laterns would make my room magical!Once again, the mastcahes, and we must not forgot that starry duvet. Once again from UO

Though I love color and such, the white here is so pretty and nice. Perhaps I'll DIY a canopy?


Claire said...

ahhh I really want lanterns in my room too!

Anonymous said...

I have lanterns in my room, they are a great idea they make it feel nice and warm and cosy all the time, also I love the pictures on the walls in these photos, too.

Catherine said...

Love these inspiration pics. Especially the twinkle lights.

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