Monday, February 20, 2012

"Forever Alone"

I really cannot stand it when girls my age complain on Valentines day. Though my age shall
remain a secret, I'm assuming that most of you may think that I'm younger than I actually am but, girls my age seem to think that they have it so hard on Valentines Day because they don't have a boyfriend and that they'll be "forever alone". It's quite frustrating you see, these girls are quite young and you will have your entire lifetime to find someone, just because you don't have a boyfriend at this age, doesn't mean you should throw yourself a pity party. Either way, anyone that you are with at this age, there is probably a 5% or less chance that you will end up with them. Though it would be lovely to have a boyfriend, it's not a huge deal and I find it irritating when girls make it a big deal.
Also, it's really annoying when girls talk about how jealous they are of other couples and about how they hate it when couples celebrate Valentines Day. Really? Why ruin it for a happy couple? Why do you want people that are unhappy to be unhappy, just to make yourself feel better. Though I understand how uncomfortable to be around a group of couples, you are obviously not the only single one, because EVERY GIRL in the universe (seemingly) just can't stop feeling sorry for themselves. All the time. Please, just stop it.
Shoes-Minnetonka//Jacket, Scarf & Jeans-F21//Top-Marshalls

New outfit location? I'm thinking yes. All year I've basically been taking pictures in front of a brick wall. Also, I broke out my old Minnetonkas, thoughts? 

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