Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer '11

Oh Summer 2011, I'm going to miss you oh so very much, your carefree quality, the warmth on my skin, the short shorts, the tank tops, pool parties, and the beach, and all of summer's other lovely things.

I will miss all of those wonderful memories of friends and others. All of us tearing through every Six Flags (and other theme parks) like it's our job (me not going on quite a few things), all of the tennis baseball, stale bagels, badgering me for that weeks pictures, and just being with eachother, for one time a year. I'll miss it all, every single day.

Though I have so much more to say about this summer, I think I'll end it here, right now. This summer has been so amazing, so fantastic, just as good as the last. Summer 2011, it's been great, Love


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Style Dilettante said...

You are a doll! For those of us in Southern California our Summer is almost endless! I am craving some rain and layers of clothes! Glad to hear your summer was memorable...