Friday, September 16, 2011

I Guess it's Sall?

Hi everybody! Long time no... See? Is that the right word? I really don't think so.. Well anyway, since school's started I've had a ridiculous amount of work to do, and I started cross-country this Monday! Therefore, I've been super-busy! I know that in my last post of the Summer, I kept on saying about how it feels like summer will be over when school starts? Well, I was wrong. It has been mighty hot in these parts (excluding the past two days), but otherwise it has been about 80 degrees and humid. Really humid. Maybe I'll call this time "Sall".. Maybe even "Sutummer"?

Today which would have been a perfect day to run, we had a really short practice. We ended at 2:30! When practices normally don't end until almost 5'o'Clock! I think I would have rathered a shorter practice yesterday as opposed to today, but oh well, I'm pretty fried anyway. If I could, I'd probably be in bed by 9:00PM, but that probably won't happen. Oh Well, 9:30PM it is... (BIG difference, I know!)
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