Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a Wonderfully Long week it's Been

Wow, its been I long week! I apologize for not posting too much everybody!It has been due to a scarce amount of time, and sheer laziness. You know the drill I'll start with monday, go to tuesday, and then to Friday, I did not take any other pictures this week.

Monday- I have no title for this day
Not too many good shots on Monday sadly, I'm having trouble with jumping shots now, sighhh.
Belt- ?
Cardi.-Kohls..i think the brand is "say what?"
Shoes- Franco Sarto

What a Wonderfully Red Rainy Day (Tuesday)
This is the contrast betwen my dress and my tights pretty striking huh?
Oh no my tights ripped! After the first wear :(... and I went swimming that day. I was sure a happy camper.
Isn't the back of my sweater cute!
I sure didn't have a great day that day, I went swimming my tights ripped, and, that day my umberalla was not just a prop. It was ligit pouring! I love the rain but my camera got all wet:(.
Cardi.-DKNY jeans
Friday, Wow thats A lot of Prints.
It is a lot of prints Stripes, triangle things, flowers!

I tried more jumping shots today, they didn't work. So this is what I got. I was very uncomfortable that day. The belt wasn't in the right place and neither was a the waist of the skirt. It was too short. I do love the print mixing though, I should do that more often!

Shirt-F21 \


Cardi-"say what?" Kohls

Shoes-Franco Sarto

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Savanna M. said...

SO i love your tights! lol very cute outfit :)