Monday, May 3, 2010

Moody Skies

Today the sky is having mood swings. This morning (and all last night) the sky was a solid grey and it was pouring for hours. Late morning it was still cloudy, but not raining. Then at about 3 o clock , it POURED not raining hard, I mean like the type of rain so fast you can't see it. It only lasted for about 10 minutes... But after the rain was done :( I find that very sad being that I love the rain. Its back to 90 degreedays now... fun, fun, fun! Ooh yeah and I feel like I'm drinking my own air because its so humid!The humidity is terrible for my hair, my Mom is always telling me how great hers looks in the humidity... lucky her.
I sure look like a happy camper, don't I? Hmmm my best shot of the day, I obviously did not get many good shots.

The very pretty pattern on my skirt... I'vve wanted a floral skirt for a long time, I found this one for $13 at TjMaxx, I guess now I'm a maxxinista...:D

I really liked how this umberella and the skirt looked together, none of the colors are really the same, but I guess I just like umberella's!( I think you guessed that due to my last post!)

I really liked this outfit! The waist was a tad big, but yet again...what isn't big on me? So I belted it. This pattern once again... ITS AMAZING! Its got a country western vibe but its also kinda vintag-y.

Skirt- TJ Maxx
Shirt-Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes- Minnetonka (I started moccasins! I sware! I've been wearing them forever, no one noticed, more people then wear them "Oh I love your shoes!") Actually I did not start this.. my Grandpa did, he is 86, and has been wearing them since he was 16
Blazer- Vintage
P.S. I got a haircut! What do you think? I really needed one though... I mean NEEDED, not just like its a little long.. I mean it was really unhealthy.

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