Sunday, May 16, 2010

Please Excuse My abscense

Dear all my followers, I hope you will excusemy abscense from the past week, because of my lack of being able to load big pictures, now I must go back to these little ones until I find another picture site, please excuse that too. These are some of my pcitures from the past week from Wed.-Sat. (I also have a thursday but I didnt like it)


I did not get many shots that day, but the one's I got were very good. Or atleast I think so. Its was a happy day for 3 reasons 1. I love the rain, 2. It was not burning hot, 3. I did not go swimming today! :D In my school we have a pool and it is required for gym to do 10weeks of swimming, but we missed our first day
(thank god) because of this really long test, though I didn't like that either, its better than a swimming period. Its not even that the swimming is that bad. Its just that the chnaging is AWFUL.
Red Sweater- Good question I stole it from my mom's closet
Belt-It came with a sweater from Kohls


I had fun with my mini photoshoot today :D

Today I actually got A ton of shots..But were they good I liked the one's a did get. There was one more decent one, but my hair ruined it because it was seen cleary, and I went SWIMMING THAT DAY! It was terrible my hair looked like a rats nest by 3rd period, fun! fun! fun!The outfit is bad though I chose it because its easy to change in and out of.
Top-Old Navy
SKirt-TJ MAxx(im a maxxinista again :D)
Cardigan-old Navy
Belt-Good question


I love the over-exposure in these shots, Its makes everything look so bright, I took a bunch more, but thes were my favorite's.

Check out my sunglasses. They have pink sides :D, they dont really work but they look amazing!

I loved this shot :D. I had one more good one, but it caused "an uploading error". I love that skirt I'm wearing I probably wear it way too much, but today I was eating chocolate dippin' dont's and it got on my white skirt! :( I hope it will come out!That all I have to say about this outfit, actually thats all I can say cause I dont have a lot of time.
Shoes-Payless(I wear those way too much)
Top-Anna Sui for Target
Cardi-old Navy

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