Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Repost This"

I have a ridiculous amount of Facebook pet peeves. Here is a paragraph I wrote summarizing the thing that I hate most. Even though I could go on for hours about it, I tried to keep it (reasonably) short.

An open letter to the people of facebook:

Instead of posting how you're so "anti-bullying" through your facebook status and telling people "You're heartless if you don't repost", why don't people actually act on what they say over facebook? Very often, it seems, those who are so "against" bullying, are the real bullies in the first place. It's very ingenuine. Also, I know what I stand for when it... comes to bullying, religion and just about every other "repost this" status. What is it to you if "God will know if you repost this". I doubt that God defines who is good and bad through facebook status. I mean, I am very glad that (those of you who mean it) you have found a such degree of peace and joy in your life, and have reached such a surety of anything. Though it is okay to post it on facebook, just because I don't agree, or don't repost your status, it doesn't make me heartless. It doesn't make me a bad person. Only my actions, and the things that I do and say reflect my opinions and morality. Not what I repost on facebook.
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***On an unrelated note, I got a new pair of Minnetonkas!!

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