Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Infinity, and Beyond!

Shoes & Tank Top-Target//Hat-Claires//Tights-Marshalls//Skirt & Jacket//SCARF-Old Navy
As I may (well, have) mentioned previously, I don't really have an affinity for following "trends". I don't necessarily mind things being called trendy (though I'd prefer in style), I guess I'm kind of on board with the circle/infinity scarf trend. Kind of is an understatment, unless it's being used in the phrase "kind of, sort of, the love of my life". As you may have figured out, I have quite a few "Loves of my life". I really do ADORE this scarf though! It's just so easy to wear! You just put it on and go! No having to worry about it hanging the right way or anything! PLUS ++++ it's super-cozy. Thats is one thing I have an extreme affinity for, REALLY REALLY REALLY cozy things :).
Actually I've been uable to wear this scarf lately. Well, I guess I could it I wanted to, but it's really not that cold out right now. It was probably about 65 degree (F) today. It bit to warm for my tastes, in November atleast... :)


Julia said...

What a cute and casual look. I love the jean jacket. I've been wanting to wear mine more lately although it's been a bit too chilly here in Michigan lately, I'm afraid I won't get to wear it again until next spring! (Let's hope not though!). Annnyway, cute cute cute. Love the fish nets too :)

Cup of Tea

Lovely B. said...

It's okay. Thanks for visiting. :)
keep in touch!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So adorable. x hivenn

Mrs. Dork said...

You are seriously just too cute with that big ole pumpkin!

Kat said...

this is such a cute look!!!! you look so sweet and perfect! :)