Monday, November 14, 2011



I've been keeping this secret in for almost two weeks now! AHHHH! I'M SO HAPPY:)

I think that those of you who had braces understand my happiness.

Most of you probably didn't even realize I had braces... Considering that most of you who frequent my blog, are newer followers and etc.

Actually, I have to say thanks! There has been a pretty consistant stream of followers and comments here on my blog lately! Thank you so much, every comment is amazing to recieve, and I hope you knkow how much I appreciate it! Shoes-Minnetonka//Tights-Marshalls//Cardigan-Forever21//Dress-American Apparel//Scarf-?


BlueVanilla said...

Your smile looks gorgeous! Love these colors on you!

Hot Pink Day
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Claire said...

yay! I definitely understand your excitement! when I got my braces off I didn't stop smiling for like a week..

Julia said...

What a cute dress! And yay for no braces! I've been there for sure...

Cup of Tea

blorange dice said...

yay for no braces!!!! you look BEAUTIFUL (but you did before, too). love your blog! that scarf is super cool.