Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fickle Few

Dress-Hand Me Down//Belt-Mom's//Hairclip-Walgreens//Shoes-XSRE//Sunglasses-Panama Jack

I feel like I almost have pieces in my wardrobe that I just gravitate towrds. Some pieces I wear constantly, while some get lost in my closet. This dress is the perfect example. Actually, I didn't really forget it, but everytime I think about wearing it, I find something different to wear for that day, and just say "I'll wear it tommorow..". Maybe that's kind my theme from this past week? Wearing "forgotten items" or atleast I've been attempting to wear the less-loved things in my weardrobe. Everytime I wear this dress, I never understand why it has so few wears (other than the fear of staining it) it's such a lovely, simple dress, with a great fit. Maybe it'll get more wears this summer, who knows?

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