Thursday, June 9, 2011


I figured it was time to post.
On this blog I'm not quite sure if I've expressed my love for Native American culture. Now that it is said, I love the uniqueness of it. There's no other culture quite like it at this point in time. I love all of the beading and najavo aspects and such. Sometimes it's not really realized how different it is from European and other cultures. The reason I bring this up is, a little while ago I aquired this lovely necklace from my mom, and apparently it was her mom's. She got it on a trip cross-country from somewhere in the Southwest (I would assume).

I've said this several times now, I'm not a big jewelry person but it just seems right up my alley. Maybe I'll wear it a lot more in the future.
Shoes & Tank-Target//Skirt-Homemade//Necklace-Vintage (not the proper terminology, I know)//hairclip-DIY

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