Monday, January 16, 2012

Tumblr Pet Peeves

I possibly have mentioned my issue with this before here on the blog, but perhaps not. Many of you may not know what I'm talking about but, among the teenage girls of tumblr, there is all of this annoying stuff that a large percentage of them keep doing (or posting). It's quite irritating, I know tons of girsl with tumblrs, and they keep saying "OMg FoLloW fOr FoLLoW!!!!". I have so many problems with this. If you follow my tumblr (or blog for that matter) I will not follow you back unless I like your blog. Simple. As. That. I find that it comes across as being quite desperate and it portrays that all you want is followers.

I also hate this whole "hipster-slut-mermaid-slore-summer-gypsy-nutella" crap that keeps coming on my dashboard. For starters, YOU ARE NOT A HIPSTER. You are just a pretty, skinny, prissy, white girl with long light brown/blond hair wearing short shorts. Or a bikini or a crop top etc. What really bothers me may be is that all of these girls think that their blogs are super-original, but the thing is, EVERYONE has them. Also, why are you calling yourself a slut? A slore? Really? Why do you want to be known as that? Personally, I would never want that reputation.

Then about 2 minutes later, they post some love quote to make everyone feel bad for them talking about not judging, or an ex-boyfriend, or about how ugly they are (when they just want to be told they're pretty).
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Julia said...

I'm with ya, I don't follow a blog unless I actually like the blog. I get annoyed when people tell me they'll follow me if I follow them... it's all really dumb in my opinion.

But in lighter news, I really like your dress! Looks very comfy :)

Cup of Tea

Mrs. Dork said...

The "follow for follow" thing is a no-no and pet peeve in my book as well. Leave that in a comment and I won't even bother checking your blog.

So glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's stupid!

Josie said...

cute dress!