Sunday, March 28, 2010

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(The review for each is under their picture, the highlghted red is their grade)
Who is that? Whoever it is icccckkkkk C-
Loved this i think her name is Victoria..this is one of the best things I found...But I only like it cause of the color!

I loved Tyra in this because it just fit her perfectly!!!!And the red just pops!!The yellow might be a little much wih that dress though B+

I Reallyl really liked this...especially for a disney star!Slena Wore yellow...My is un loved by most and looks great on her. A

I'm not really crazy about this dress but it wasn't bad so it got a B...until I saw those socks... And i strongly dislike shoulder pads. C+

This is the only Guy on this review..This only reason I put it here is so I could complain about JUSTIN BEIBER, I stronglllyly dislike her...I mean him. The black OK fine, but the yellow..I mean come on you have a higher pitched singing voice than just STOP trying the be ganster!!!! C-

I guess Justin Beiber is not the only "Guy" I couldnt help but put this guy. I don't even know what to say this. Its amazingly wierd in one sense, but wtf in another. sooooo.. I guess he'll get an F

Nikki Reid twighlight, i like Twighlight, love Taylor Launter, without his shirt...but sadly harry potter is just all around better. But I did happen to like this dress maybe not the right colors though B

Did she get dressed in the dark? The peices themselves are okay..I take that back, i hate the shirt, but its just mismatched which throws me off. D

Cute, I kinda like it..Not something I'd choose for myself, but not bad B-

Why did i post this 2 times?

That dress is AMAZING!It looks like she is wearing jelly-beans!!!!:D My favorite thing I saw...I like those shoes too! A+ (If this was at any other awards show i probably would not like it too much, but the others sucked)

Katy, Katy..sigh, i happen to love Katy Perry's music and 40's-esk style...But as a vegas showgirl slut...not sooo much, and she needs to grow her bangs out....the shoes are OK D+
Once again who is that??Whoever she is she is making a baaaaddd first impression she looks like she shopped in the todlers section... I like her hair though, but still little girlish D

Great voice! so much. Seperated these peices would actually be really cute, but together... HUH? I dont even like her hair D-

I love glee, but this gal once again she looks like she shopped in the little girls section...not the shape(which isn't attractive) But the color. :P But i do like those shoes:D C-

Who are some of these people, she looks like she was in Forever 21, and found something crumpled on the floor that happended to be on sale,and it was the only dress left in her closet left over from...i dont even know when! And the shoes and the hair are babyish, and being very tiny, babyish stuff is my worst enemy F-

Is she anorexic?I really don't like miranda cosgrove, she is a bad actress who is not funny. And this dress ehhh not bad not good, and im all about messy waves and curls, but dont make it look forced just do it natural C-

I think she was in avaitar???This outfit is betting for going to the mall than an awards show.. no matter which one it is. As an outfit ehhh B-
Huh? F double - no F triple
I really dont like miley Cyrus never have. This outfit isnt bad, but a little to trendy. soo a B

The kids choice awards. probably the worst awards...and the worst dresed awards!!I looked through the pictures on yahoo!None were good , so i decieded to talk about them here. The reason I only put two guys because..well it dont really know how to judge guys on their weardrobe unless their really bad or really goood

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