Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Teheehe, no dots for me today:D. Anyway finally, I can end the dots topic. And anyway, I suggest you check out my new "feature" Curly girlys. Some blogs with girls who have curly hair, just like me:D. Tell me please if you have a few favorite curly girly blogs of you own!

Not crazy about this outfit, not to many comments. Peace out my homies.(wow I really just said that).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I didn't even realize I was wearing them again.

More polka dots really? I didn't even realize until I left the house this morning. In other news.. DO YOU SEE THOSE STOCKINGS?! THEY HAVE BOWS ON THEM! BOWS! Okay I have now expressed my enthusiams.. satisfaction. I guess I am a little over-excited about these babys because they have been sitting in my clost for quite a few weeks. Another rainy day today, but HA! I have perfected the art of taking pictures in the rain:D. My plastic bad method has succeded...
Wearing these boots again. Didn't wear them all day though it would have been to hot, soo I wore my chucks. I like these boots alot better though. They seem to match everything! I'm officially addicted to them it seems...
I really love how this photo is crooked. Its kind of quirky and weird... but I guess thats why I like it. Normally I would delete it. But something made me not..

Anyway there is my outfit post for the day! Time to finsh studying, science test tomorrow (joy oh joy) see ya tomorrow!

Monday, September 27, 2010

It is hard to take pictures in the rain.

As a continuation of the last of yesterdays posts, I am wearing more polka dots(look closely at my tights)And coincidentally I am also wearing a bow.
Now for the start of todays post. Too bad you really can't get a close up glance at my outfit I quite liked it a lot. It also showcases a majority of my recent purchases from F21 and H&M. And these tights has very slight tears in them after the first wear! oh chucks... Anyway, today i felt as if I walked out of a post. My absolute favorite blog in the world!
Bright yellow leaves scattered across the ground today, because of all the wind and rain... sooo many pictures options coming soon. I can't even describe to you have many trees are in my yard, especially consideringthat i don't live in the woods. One tree is already bright red. It is always the first to change. Than the rest do, and evrywhere is covered with a coat of yellow... except on tree (it happens to be the one behind me) that, will be orange.
NOw it is time to share how immensly hard it is to take pictures in the rain. For starters too bad its supposed to rain the rest of the week. I could not find an effective way to cover my camera and still get a clear image. I semi-perfected an umberella cam, but the pictures and horrible quality, so I then moved it under the front porch( behind the steps you always see me taking pictures on)Those were the pictures I ended up posting. Then I tryed more angles on the porch... Then I finally though of putting a plastic bag over most of the camera. And WELLAH! Until I then discovered that the picture quality was not too clear. maybe it was the lighting? Try again tomorrow, being that as of this morning it is supposed to rain for a majority of the week. Anyway people 'night, not time for sleep yet but time to finish this post!
(wow, that is a lot of F21)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More polka dots...

See more polka dots(as I told you from my last post)And I actually think might be wearing more tomorrow:D. I did quite like the outfit it though especially the polka dot shirt(courtosy of my moms closet) and inspired by One of my favorite blogs, from "down under" filled with polka dots and bows galore.. In other news I have infinitly defeated flikr! HAHAHAHA! I figured out how to use photobucket.. Satisfaction:D

Anway everyone finally caught up on posts wore something else, too didn't like it didn't take pictures. Exhausted time to reread 50 or so pages then goo to sleeppp... mmmmm
/Shirt: great question/Shoes: minnetonka/ Jeans: Delia's/Tee: fab find at F21/ Bow: RIbbon
Goognight everyone!

Another post today...

Another post for today, I think I have one or two more? I'm not really sure I guess we will see. Thank you for the feedback i appreciate it!

I feel as if I'm almost stuck in a style rut latley, I mean I like it personally but I feel as if there is a massive abscence in color the past few weeks. I mean I never go on color overload, but still it all feels a bit dark to me. But I like it a lot, soo I'm not quite sure if I should bring more color into my wardrobe... Maybe its just the weather? I don't quite know.. I alos feel as if I have been on polka dot overload latley. My wardrobe remix included a polka dot dress, my last post and two polka dotted pieces, I am at the moment wearing polka dots.. I guess I'm just not sure, noo matter how much I do love polka dots :D.

Hmm this picture looked better on a smaller screen... Anyway looking for a better backround for the blog can't figure out how to make it a picture, maybe I'll ask my dad..(he is a computer guy so, he should be able to figure it out...)But I really don't like making my friends and family involved with my blog. I mean, they see me everyday for starters they don't really need to see my outfits anyway...

/Dress(worn as a shirt:American Apparel/ Skirt:H&M/SHoes: Minnetonka/Cardigan:f21/

Have a great few hours or minutes( I don't know when I will feel like posting next...)

pss*** If any of you know how to do different pages please inform me I am trying to attempt it then failing miserably.

What ever gave people the idea...

What ever gave all teenage girls my age that Selena Gomez has such great style? I have never seen her in anything that evokes any type of personal style, or origanality. So I just don't get it. Same goes for her "Dream Out Loud" collection at Kmart. It is soo boring and unoriganal,(and generic) it is a disgrace to the few teenage girls who actually know what style is. Same goes for Lola's material girl collection. Before it came out I started reading the blog. And then I realized it has no point of view whatsoever. I mean it had an 80's twist alright. But only with the 80's stuff that is "super cute" and "Trendy" today, therefore making it boring. I do have a theroy about this... well do you know how everone always says, so and so has great style. Well the don't have style, they might have taste but their stylists dress them... so frustrating.

Anyway I am done with my little rant for a while, so do you guys remember when I told you I was making a skirt? Well probably not, I didn't have any regular followers than, but yet again do I now? Well there is an interesting thing to ponder... ANyway I hope you like it, it is madeout of tie material!
/Skirt:DIY/Shirt:F21/ Tank: Aero outlets/ Bow:ribbon/Cardigan:F21/ Shoes:Payless/ Glasses :Panama Jack/
I'd really like some feedback on it... I'm not sure if I would want to wear it again...
Anyway everyone, have a great day and I'll see ya later! (with another post!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wardrobe Remix #1

Wardrobe Remix #1. Will this feature be consistant? Probably not. But for now it is taking away about 2 or three days worth of posts so I figure it would be pretty good. Anyway Hope you like it give me some feedback! ***and please tell me if you like this size photo better or my last posts I'm not really sure...
Remix Piece:Pacsun
I loved my photoshoot thorughout that day. And I had attempt this same shot about 10 other times.. This was from temple services, so its a bit dressier(the heels) I love heels but maybe I won't go treking outside with them again. They almost sunk into the ground:D
/Dress:Pacsun/Shoes:Payless/Tights:AX outlet store/ Cardigan:Old Navy/SKirt:H&M/ Tank top:Old Navy/Bag:vintage/

I quite LOVE this shot too, I had a few more I liked, but I am trying to keep in mind a flikr limit for the month... I loved the very feminine feel of the bag to, i thought it was very pretty(courtsey of my moms clost!)

I am honestly suprised I had enough energy to get up change out of my dressier cloths, and even take the pictures I ended up taking. Being that it was the jewish holiday YOm Kippur I fasted from food and water fro 24 hours. I felt so sick by the end I was shaking. (this was me towards the end I was shaking) Headache...extreme hunger. Happy only thats once a year...Looking back on it though, this is really my only good photo from that outfit.. I did not really realize 'till I looked back on it. The out fit though, felt very me.. All the different printss. Not enough clot maybe but I really liked this one and the other...
Anyway goodnight'! another post tomorow(wow I'm actually getting consistant with my posts!)
/Dress:Pacsun/Socks:Hot Sox(woodstock)/ Tights: AX outlet/Mocs:Phonecia/Bow:DIY/Tank: Old Navy/ Shirt: hammy down/

***ps. I looked at the final post, definatly the bigger photos:D

Sunday, September 19, 2010


A wonderful view of my sushi socks! I don't think you guys have seen them yyet, though I have worn them about 5 times already... actuallly I think 3 of those times being in my next few posts... I had two yesterday because I changed, and one from another day, and maybe one more? I guess I'll see...

Finally figured out how to upload pictures on flikr. Well, actually my dad did. he figured it out in about 5 minutes. 5MINUTES! i've been trying for months! anyway, I was very happy with the results.


Oooo, I look PISSED! I have no idea why though, I was drinking tea, and love tea very much, plus, it was RAINING!
The totally kick-a** fringe on my jacket.
More kick-a** fringe on my jacket

Anyways more posts comin' real soon!
Sushi SOcks- Hot Sox from Woodstock NY
Leggings- American Apparel
T-SHirt- Courtosy of Tashi's closet(my friends) she bought it at delias.
Jacket- Vintage..
Cowboy Boots- Rocketdogs from marshalls
*** underneith this I am wearing my green cardigan which unfortunatly my mother ripped... on the hunt for a new one, went to old navy to see if they had any.. but no cardigans to be seen. Then we(my mother and I) took a quick run into H&M and I got a few things. New purchases to be seen soon! Or when it cools oof, (it is supposed to be about high 70's this week...unfortunatly).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I was right...

For starters i was right i did have more post lined up...on my camera. And anyways, since on the jewish holiday today you cannot eat or drink, here are things that should have been in my stomach today.
My morning snack when I wake up(I only have one!)
another morning snack(only w/out the chocoo chips)

What I shouldve made for breakfast this morning(jarlsberg cheese, tomatoes, cottage cheese, green peppers, 2 egg whites, toasted roll, orange juice) This is actually a breakfast i made...

What I probably would have made for lunch today, but we have no avocados...sigh.

What I would have as a snack right now. I'm not sure what they are, i think they are cookies, but they look delicious.
Anyway have a sweet new year! And for those of you that fast, enjoy your bagels( we have deli though...mmmmm:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hmmm, I thought I had more posts lined up...

Lots of polka dots, this outfit actually had an inspiration, KATY PERRY! I have an obsession with her. For quite a few reasons
A. She does not try to be a freak(cough cough lady gaga) she is pleasantly quirky and that is who she is.
B. She is not extremly superficial
C. She has great style
D. She does not choose men for their looks
E. She writes her own songs
D. She ACTUALLY sounds good live.
Anywaayys last post 'till tomorrow(I could've sworn I had more outfits lined up to post...)

Shoes:Payless/Dress:Hammy Down/Headband:Ribbon/Cardigan:F21/Tights;Mandees.
Me trying to be pin-up, epic fail.
Anyway, I got a new pair of heels, mine were to small, so I borrowed my moms. after me breaking them a few days previously. I ran over to payless and grabbed a pair... I don't have to worry about breaking them because they are mine. That same day I coincidentally broke my CD and my mom broke my favorite green sweater...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just a quick post...

Just a quick post for now, another one later bye!( by the way if any of you know how to make pictures bigger please share!)

tights:Mandees/Skirt:Macy's/Dress(worn as shirt):Hammy Down/Shoes:Milan(courtsey of moms closet!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Always Intend To Post More Often...

If you look at my title it is true. I really do intend to post more often but something always tends to get in the way... Anyway today I was out and after I got home I took a bunch of pictures i didn't realize how many I had taken... Here are the only good(and decent ones) I took.

Deep in thought...

A monster in the closet...

If you locked me in a room with a tripod a camera and 10 pairs of shoes, I would be preoccupied for hours!

Anyway almost dinner time soo not too much to say...except cowboy boots!Fantastic I think, comment to tell me what ya think. Another post or 2 tommorow, Ihope.

Shoes:Marshalls/Tights: Mandee's/Dress(worn as shirt):Pacsun/Skirt:American Apparel/Cardigan:Kohls/Bag:Vintage D&B

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi School i Sucks To See You Too

As first days of school go, it was not that bad at all. Kind of hot but tons of friends in my classes, fun table.No terrible teachers, some extremly odd ones, but not bad.For example one of my teachers has...(this is all one person for the record!)

  • A glass head in his room that he lets his homeroom give a different name to every year(My friend is in his homeroom, I told her to suggest Giles:D)
  • He wears red socks, only when he is teacher
  • If he see's pencils in his class, he used to throw them out the window
  • Now he breaks them in half because his classroom is near the parking lot.
  • He used to look like a barbarian
  • He calls people whos names he doesn't know, Ikabod...Kind of like my Grandpa but he calls everyone George, even if he knows you name, for example of all of my cousins, I am George 6.

Anyway that is enough for teacher talk today. Now getting on to my outfit. I have been waiting to pull this baby out of my closet for the past month and a ahlf or so. I think it is quite fantastic! And quirky! and And cool! I think it is just very me. And GASP it makes me look like I have an amazing figure! And it also features my ever favorite polka dotted sweater, and my new mocs, hope you like it!

A little preview...
AND BAM! I quite love it! I 'm not sure what you all thin but I felt amazing! Except for it being soo hot..

I did not end up wearing my sweater for a majority of the morning, being that it was too hot outside. And AC in my school is scarce, no non-existent.
Anyways, you may not beable to tell but I really am not in to the whole "back to school shopping" thing. I get a few new pieces to replace the stuff I threw out, and shoes for when my feet grow too small or the shoees start to smell(aka. my old mocs). I just happend across this little number when I was out with a friend taking her shopping for camp stuff(before summer)And she really wanted this hoodie, and I browsed and fell in love with this dress! NO, this sotre(american apparel). I did not end up buying it though. But around early August me and my mom took a trip to the mall because she needed... I can't remember what, and she asked me if I wanted to go anywhere. And therefore, came this dress. It almost fits perfectly except for the shoulders, I had to gte a larger size because the small was too tight and short. It was a little pricey though because it was made in America, but so worth it! Anyway I am going to go make guacamole for dinner(mmmmm!) Have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow!
Dress- American Apparel
Shoes- Phonecia(upstate NY)
Tank- Old Navy
Cardigan- F21

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summers Last Hoorah

Last weekend is what I cosider summers last hoorah. Woodstock on Friday with my mom and my aunt. the beach on Saturday and sunday with a bunch of friends. School starts tommorow. It kind of has a bitter-sweet beginning. I'm excited to have something to do, and to see people, and why I'm unhappy is...well do I really need to explain? Anyway here are some of my pictures from woodstock, hope you like them!

This whole shelf was very pretty, my mom told me not to touch ANYTHING.:D
The ferris wheel on the shelf.
Another angle...
The little people on the ferris wheel.

More tiny people!
I saw these odd bicycle statues all around the town, I found them very intriguing.

A whole store filled with beautiful handblown glass. Once again I was told not to touch anything.
Hippie flags.
There was a whole little flea market we discovered. There was a bathroom right nextdoor, my mom and aunt were shocked.
My favorite pic...nope nevermind!

OHH crap! I forgot to upload the picture...o well.

i think these were some vintage hooks of somesort, whatever they weres, they were great for taking pictures.
Hahaha, very funny.
Old records, not a great angle though...
A frog. There werea few others but this photo was the best. One of the best stores we went to all day.I got a great woodstock poster. It would have been the best for pictures too but, there was a "NO CAMERAS" sign. Read all the signs closer.:D, by the way I think this was an origanl woodstock poster, they actually had one for sale but I ended up getting a different one.

Here comes the sun

After our little trip to Woodstock we headed to A little pancake house for lunch in Phonecia (upstate NY), it was called sweet sue's. The best pancakes mmm... I seemed like an apropriate place for the show Diners, Drive ins and Dives.
Our homade maple syrup, and butter. I really only know maybe two people who actually like butter on their pancakes...
I took one pancake from my aunts plate(buttermilk and blueberry)(they give you 3), and one from my moms(raspberry and whole wheat) Suprisingly(thought they were both amazing!) The whole wheat was better.
Then for maybe an hour or so, we headed up to our whole family's little house right outside of phonecia. It is one of those places were you sit down with a cup of tea and just fall asleep, I probably would have but the hammock was locked inside... And we didn't have a key, so we jsut sat on the front porch.

Around the yard.
A pear tree in the front yard

The front of the house.
Me in the middle of the street. It is one of thoses places were NO ONE ever drives on the street except for the people that have houses there. It was extremly peacefull and beautiful, And it is too bad we could not stay overnight to see the stars. We will one time during the fall just imagine those leaves...
My new minnetonkas! We snagged 'em in Phonecia for about $30. AMAZING!
Anyway I will see you all tomorrow... after school. JOY